The alpha version of the application is going through its testing phase


Recently, we at Module— a decentralized file storage platform — have been really busy working on our blockchain. Today we are thrilled to announce the deployment of the Module alpha application!

Mission of Module

MODULE is a blockchain-based platform designed to utilize the free storage of smartphones, tablets, or personal computers as an asset. Our idea is to let our users capitalize their mobile devices on a daily basis.

On the MODULE platform, users will be able to get rewards for renting their free gigabytes to those who lack them.

Every person, who wishes to become a provider of the storage, will be given an opportunity to save on his/her device some tiny parts of different files from requesters — users who need the storage.

As the requesters’ files will be divided into tiny elements and disseminated, their files will be stored securely. The most vivid example of requesters on our platform are companies who need truly big and secure data centers for storing their information.

In fact, the platform will be used in a much wider way, and it will be explained in our future articles.

Features of the App

We have been working hard to make our goals a reality. Today, one can easily download the application, become a requester or provider, and upload files for storing on the Module platform.

The application has a built-in wallet for collecting MODL coins.
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